Rejection! :(

Posted by on December 12th 2014 @ 11:13 am


After over 1 month of waiting BubbleBath has finally been released and full information on the game can be found here.


Yesterday BubbleBath went into review and was sadly rejected.
I worked through the issues Apple’s review team had found through the night and BubbleBath is now awaiting review again with fixes for the issues found:
Apparently Saga can’t be featured in the trailer uploaded to Apple, since she doesn’t come with the game 🙂
And when using a new device you have to be able to get back the purchase if you have made one, this was apparently not done correctly and has been fixed.

This forced resubmitting allowed me to fix a couple of other issues that I discovered during aftermath internal testing:
The iPad version was twice as hard as the iPhone version, this has been corrected 🙂
Finally I made some changes so that the game can be played without Game Center, of course then your highscores won’t be stored for all to see, but at least the game is playable without Game Center.

I have sent an expedited request for the after-rejection review, but for now we will have to wait and see how Apple prioritises the review!

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