The general themes of our applications are that they should be entertaining and fun for children of all ages, while teaching some skill set through the entertainment!

These apps were designed by parents, for parents and their children of all ages. We hope that you will use them responsibly.

Legal information:We are not responsible for anything you do with our application. This includes if  our application does something ‘you didn’t mean for it to do’ and if it really did something it shouldn’t have done. So if it for some reason starts interfacing with your toaster and you have a new age SKYNET on your hands, don’t come suing us! (Actually: Don’t sue us for any reason). There, with all the legal mumbo jumbo out of the way, lets continue.


sagaszoo-iconSaga's Zoo AppStore

First app in a series of small apps using cartoon characters that children can easily identify.




BubbleBath Bubble Bath AppStore

New game designed to help you or your children train hand-eye coordination.
Elvis the giraffe doesn’t like to take baths, because he gets soap in his eyes, help him keep the soap bubbles to a minimum. Pop the bubbles to gain points, the higher the score the harder it gets. Get better score than your friends on gamecenter!

While this game is free, we are showing an advertisement after each game.
You can get rid of this advertisement via in app purchase.

10% of our income from this app will be donated to Save the Children‘s educational efforts.