Elvis elvis
Elvis the giraffe is the oldest resident in Saga’s Zoo. And is therefore considered the leader of sorts.
He lives off the leafs of the trees inside the zoo.
bobby bobby
Bobby the bee, lives in a tree.
He spends his days in many ways.
Making honey, and being funny.
Bobby the bee, lives in a tree, in Saga’s Zoo.
Trix trix
Trix the cat likes his solitude. Though if any other animal in the zoo reminds him the most of himself it is Leroy. He does not like Rufus to much, as Rufus always wants to chase him. He is very fond of Mathilda, as she provides the milk he likes so much.
Mathilda mathilda
Mathilda the cow spends her days grassing on the fields of Saga’s Zoo.
Rufus rufus
Rufus the dog likes to play. He has a love and hate relationship to Trix. Oh how he loves to chase Trix into Bobby and Howlies tree.
Philip philip
Philip the elephant was originally saved from a circus. Now he gets to roam free and play with the friends he has made in Saga’s Zoo.
Lucy lucy
Lucy the lamb is the newest addition to Saga’s Zoo. She is but a few months old. Her best friend is Bobby the bee.
Leroy leroy
Leroy the lion lays around all day taking as much sun as possible. While Elvis is the zoo’s leader, Leroy feels it is his job to lead, he is a natural born leader after all.
Howlie howlie
Howlie the owl usually sleeps during day time. He thinks the night time is the right time. He lives in the same tree as Bobby the bee.
Patty patty
Patty the pig likes to eat and take mud baths.